S&T is currently facilitating the AAT(SA) Level 4 qualification to 71 unemployed Matriculants in the Eastern and Northern Cape. These programmes are funded by Bankseta and are located at the Lovedale TVET College in King William’s Town and the NCU TVET College in Kimberley.

The examination results so far have been nothing short of spectacular, and this is the result of a combination of top-class facilitation together with a truly remarkable willingness by the students to take full advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to score an internationally-recognised qualification and gain, with every assistance from the Bankseta, AAT(SA) and S&T, employment in Provinces which are unfortunately lacking in career openings in the financial world for young people.

Despite the pressures of daily study, our Kimberley students gave up several days of their own time in early December to undertake a Social Responsibility project which involved the complete clearing and re-organisation of the vegetable garden, including the planting of a variety of edibles for the future, and the entertainment of the 50 residents of the Resthaven Old People’s Home. They sang beautifully, they danced, they cooked, and they cared for the old folks because, to use their own words, “we wanted to give something back to a generation that in the past sacrificed so much for us to give us a future.” A second project will take place in mid-2015.

The concept of Social Responsibility has always been an important and integral part of S&T’s initiative with projects of this nature. The Lovedale students in the Eastern Cape will have a hard act to follow when they deliver their first-of-two projects at around Eastertime 2015.


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